How To Price Handmade Jewelry and Other Crafts

You know you need accurate costs to come up with accurate prices for your work. Prices that account for 1) materials, 2) labor, 3) overhead, 4) reinvestment profit (research & development) and 5) true profit. Oops. Sorry. Did we jump ahead there? OK. Prices that account for materials, labor and overhead. We’ll keep it simple to start.

Want your crafting hobby to become your profitable business? We can help.

Most business classes teach you the basics of pricing – material costing, labor costs, overhead costs, like rent and electricity. We’re different because we understand the work of jewelers, crafters and artisans and why other pricing formulas fall short.

“I highly recommend anyone trying to make money in creative efforts to take a close look at the Maximum Profits Pricing method. Using an approachable tone, David Feldman uses real-world examples to bring home business realities that many artisans fail to consider when pricing their work…a valuable perspective and a useful management tool.”
Gary Dawson, owner of Gary Dawson Designs, an online custom design operation featured as “Best of the Best” by InStore Magazine

Your creations are unique and require a unique pricing formula. We give you a simple formula for accurately pricing your work. If you can do basic arithmetic then you can use our formula.

No accounting or finance skills required.

If you can follow basic instructions then you can price your work with confidence and accuracy on a consistent basis. No need for fancy accountants and slide rules.

If you’ve tried other pricing formulas and found them confusing and frustrating (or worse) you’ll feel so much smarter and empowered after using the Maximum Profits Pricing formula. We explain everything to you like you’re a normal person and show you how your (sometimes) profitable hobby can become your (always) profitable business.

Yes, the Maximum Profits Pricing formula is free.

Why? Why would we teach you how to accurately price your work and build a profitable business? The main reason we’re doing this is because we KNOW you.

We’ve helped 100s of jewelers, crafters and artisans over the past 25 years.

You love what you do and want to do more of it. More time to design, make, build, craft, paint, torch, shave, bake, mold, solder.

We want to help you. If you really want a profitable business (not a hobby) – it’s time to take action. Sign up today!

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